“Ta da” not “to do” . . .

Warning: reading this post might cause involuntary jazz hands . ..

To take me out of my despair and anger about what is happening in the world this week (yes Texas, the US Supreme Court , Afghanistan, the omnishambles that is the UK government I mean you). I thought I’d try and focus on something that I can control and share.

In fact I’m passing this on from my good friend and former colleague Jim Emery. Jim has recently retired, and was telling me that he no longer has “to do” lists, he now has “ta da” lists. Changing the ‘o’ to ‘a’ has some subtle and and not so subtle – that’s the jazz hand bit – differences.

Starting with the subtle. Although I do like lists, sometimes they do scare me a bit too. At times it just feels like as soon as you tick/score one thing off, you have to add another one or seven. So maybe having a list that you create once you have done something – the “ta da” moment might be quite a good idea.

It seems to me that right now everyone has so much to do, that we never really take the time to appreciate what we have done. So maybe we should all build some time into our working week for a few “ta da” moments. Jazz hands are of course optional, but for me seem involuntary every time I say “ta da” outloud 😉

4 thoughts on ““Ta da” not “to do” . . .

  1. Great name, i have tried lots of todo list technologies, most seem to get left in the weeds.
    Coincidentally last weekend I saw the idea of a done.txt rather than a todo.txt and started it.
    Only a few days in but adding a couple of items to the top of the file has cheered me up. I think I’ll change the name of the file to tdda.txt:-)

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