Expert expectations of IMS LD systems – pre-publication report now available

As part of the iCOPER project, an IMS Learning Design Expert Workshop was held at the University of Vienna on November 20 & 21, 2008. The methodology and findings from the workshop have been written up in a paper which will be published (April 2010) in the International Journal of Emerging Technologies (iJET) . A pre-publication version of the report is now available from D-Space.

The report focuses on the outcomes of group working around two key issues – usability and the lifecycle of a unit of learning. The proposed solutions regarding the usability and utility problem were to investigate how teachers’ and learners’ representations of a learning design can be brought together, and to set up a research program to identify how teachers cognitively proceed when designing courses, and to map this knowledge to IMS LD. In regard to the life cycle of a unit of learning problem, the group suggested a system that continually exchanges information between runtime and editing systems so that units of learning can be updated accordingly.

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