My open education week

As you are now doubt aware, this week is Open Education Week. I’ve been enjoying following various activities, including some great contributions and thoughts from JISC colleagues. But on a more personal level, I was delighted to get an confirmation email yesterday that the Stanford open course on Natural Language Processing is starting next week.

I signed up for this course, as I thought their first course on AI (see Adam’s interview with Seb Schmoller for more details ) would be beyond my capabilities. I’m also becoming more and more interested in NPL, through conversations with my David Sherlock around techniques for getting more analysis and visualisations from the data in our PROD database; and also from Adam’s recent presentation and blog post around his experiments with Cetis staff blogs.

I’ve just watched the introductory video, which simultaneously excited and slightly scared me as there are weekly programme tasks – looks like I’ll need to catch up on my open code academy lessons too.

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