Cloudworks, purple dots, tea and biscuits (Warning this post contains references to MOOCs) #emoocs2014

How do you measure success on a MOOC? It’s a question that has been causing a lot of consternation as our traditional measures of success in education don’t seem to apply. Large drop out rates, challenges of assessment at scale, I don’t really need to go into all the details, it’s documented by others far more eloquently than me.

However, despite my unsuccessful attempts in many MOOCs I have managed to complete a few (4 now!).  They all have been successful learning experiences for me. I got a certificate for one of them, but nice as they spacemen are on it, it isn’t really my biggest signal of success. As I blogged about before, it’s been after the MOOC  that the really collaboration and reflection on success has begun.

This week at the EMOOCs 2014 Conference my colleagues Paige Cuff and Helen Crump are presenting our paper Signals of Success. Now having a paper accepted for a conference might not be your measure of success for a MOOC, but for me, Paige, Helen, Penny, Briar, Iwona and Yishay, actually pulling of this international collaboration has been a real triumph.

You can see a pre-print of our paper and some more information here.

And if you are wondering where the title of this post came from, this twitter conversation will give you a clue.

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