Hashtags over hearts

Like many people last week I was a bit bemused by the introduction of the heart button on twitter.  Kate Bowles has written a beautiful post about the corporate justification of highjacking emotions.  Lawrie Phipps took a more practical approach and summed up my use of the old like button:

it also made me think. I used the old star/favourite for two things. The first, I realised after reflection, was a lazy way of acknowledging that I had seen a tweet, but couldn’t be bothered to respond, or wasn’t something I wanted to retweet.

I do save all my tweets to a google doc, but I can’t remember the last time I actually looked at it. So, following Lawrie’s lead I have now decide to (well try to) use a small number of hashtags instead of the heart button and hopefully save and share tweets in a more meaningful way using an  IFTT recipe.

My # are:

  • #read (for articles I have/will/should read)
  • #share (for “stuff” I think is interesting to other like minded souls)
  • #fun (just because there should always be some fun at some point every day)
  • #like (because I like a lot of stuff and I still want to show/share that)

screenshot of IFTTT recipe

4 thoughts on “Hashtags over hearts”

  1. Hi Sheila.
    I’ve been downloading my tweets (from the Twitter settings menu) and storing them on Dropbox. For the moment I can access them anywhere I am connected, but only until Dropbox removes ability to serve HTML files that are stored. I like this archive (I manually request the archive each month) as it is also searchable 😉

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