How do you mainstream open education and OER? OER – v OEP: the crowd has spoken #oer15

This is just a quick follow up from my post looking for some feedback for my #oer15 keynote. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted and retweeted a link to the post. My stats as wordpress keeps telling me “are booming”. I’ve been sent a number of links to examples of mainstreaming OER which I’ve collated in storify. I’ll be looking at these in more detail over the coming weeks.

The post generated a record number of comments for me so in the order that they commented, a huge thank you to: Alan Levine, Pat Lockley, Charles Knight, Dave Cormier, Tony Hirst, France Bell, Chriss Nerantzi, Simon Thomson, Melissa Highton and late entry Rob Farrow. A special thanks to Pat who has really engaged with all the comments, and I think just beat Dave in the number of comments posted. A wealth of ideas and viewpoints have come through, far too many for me to do justice to in one post. So, to give a snap shot I thought I do the old word cloud trick.

word cloud of blog post comments
The comments have drifted from the “how” of mainstreaming more to the “how” and back again. So on the one hand we have strong advocacy for clarity and rigour around licences and content, and on the other a desire (need) to experiment and extend practice more. Whilst Simon showed examples of replacing the R(source) in OER, Melissa argued that we need to extend the rigour of OER practice and OEP just muddies that, as it’s all a bit woolly and half baked (the things Dave Cormier and I really like). Tony made a great point about needing to consider ourselves as OERs. In many ways people are the greatest OER asset that any institution has.

Lots, and lots to cogitate. I urge you to read the discussions and keep contributing.

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