Moving on

After almost 5 and a half years, today I am leaving my post at Glasgow Caledonian University to start a new phase of both my professional and personal life.   I have decided to rethink my work life balance. I want to have time for my more creative, artistic pursuits, so in order to do that I am going to now work as a freelance educational consultant.

I’m delighted that my first contract in this new phase of my career/life is with the University of Edinburgh, in their DLAS (distance learning at scale) project, where  I’m working on staff development course for staff new to teaching online. I’ll still be continuing in my role as Chair of ALT, so I am not disappearing.  I will of course, continue to post to this blog. #spoiler-  there maybe a little change in the layout over the next week or so. And look out for another site with some of my artwork too.

11 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Sheila,

    All the best in your new life role. As someone who is “transitioning” to a better work life balance I can highly recommend it. I’m sure the changes will bring everything you wish for and I can confirm that art is good for the soul !

  2. Wishing you all success Sheila. 12 years since I started my consulting practice. ALT were actually one of my first clients when I managed the CMALT application process. My work has certainly evolved over the years – more business operations than e-learning now – never a dull moment and most certainly a wonderful work-life balance!

  3. Wonderful news Sheila. I can’t wait to see more of your Art work. Having more time to spend on creative work has been one of the highlights of my retirement. And the associated learning has given me a lot to reflect on more broadly.

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