Where Sheila will be seen and not seen this week – University of Sussex, #openeducaitonwk, #digifest #LAK15

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It’s open education week and there is a lot happening this week.  I’m looking forward to my first visit to Brighton later today,  to give a talk as part of the University of Sussex TEL seminar series.  I’ll be mainly talking about our open event GCU Games On, but also more generally about my experiences with open education.

Of course there are lots of other events this week- almost too many!  A couple of webinars from ALT have caught my attention. On Tuesday there is a preview of the  #oer15 conference, and Thursday a session around supporting and developing open online courses. More information on both is available from the ALT website.   On Friday here at GCU our monthly coffee club meeting will be discussing openness here at GCU, and we’re very pleased that Marion Kelt from our library is going to lead the discussions by giving an overview of how our OER guidelines have been developed.

This week also sees Jisc’s #digifest, which I’ll be following via twitter. I’m sure there will be a lot of great ideas and practice being shared.  Later in the week there’s #lak15, which again I’ll be following via twitter.  I’m pleased to see that this year there is a pre-conference hackathon. I’ve enjoyed the LAK conferences I’ve attended in the past, but did feel that there was room for a more hands on/playful aspect to the conference along side the academic paper side of it.

In between times this week there’s a full week of activities here at Blended Learning Towers, including more work on our placement trial using the myknowledgemap placement progess system, myprogess  and more online course development workshops.

Hoping that there is even more open sharing than normal this week – let’s all try to do one open thing this week.

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