LAK12 Pre conference workshop quick overview

I’ve had a very informative and stimulating day at the preconference workshops for the LAK12 conference. This is just a very quick post with links to some great summaries and resources that people have contributed.

*Learning Analtyics and Ethics live blog summary from Doug Clow (thanks, Doug you truly are a conference reporting machine!)

*Learning Analytics and Linked Data collective google doc – various contributors.

There has also been quite a bit of twitter activity and Tony Hirst was quick off the mark to visualise the connections. Martin Hawskey has also produced an alternative visualisation based on the twitter archive I set up last week I set up last week; and here’s another summary view from Tweetlevel.

I’ll hopefully do some more considered posts myself during the week. Based on today’s sessions this is shaping up to be a great conference.

2 thoughts on “LAK12 Pre conference workshop quick overview”

  1. For me the ethical side looks particularly interesting. Has there been any discuss so far on the legal aspects (right to privacy, cookie legisation and reuse of data owned by 3rd party sites – in particular reuse of social media data)


  2. We touched on that a bit yesterday in the workshop – but think everyone in this same postion just now – not quite sure!

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