LAK12 Useful links and resources

There has been a huge amount of activty at this year’s LAK confrence. I’m still cogitating about the issues raised and will post my reflections over the next few days. However, in the meantime there were a number of really interesting tools and resources which were presented and which are available from this Diigo site George Siemens has set up.

Doug Clow has been doing a splendid (and quite awe inspiring) job of live blogging and has summary links of resources and his posts here. Myles Danson has also done some useful live blog posts from sessions too. We also have some really useful twitter activity summaries from Tony Hirst and Martin Hawkesy.

*Update – Audrey Watters review of the conference.

And just in case you missed them 🙂 below is a time line view of my collected tweets and a few pictures from the past few days.

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