Previewing of LAMS sequences without login

Hurrah! You can now preview LAMS sequences without having to log-in to a LAMS server. One of the most frustrating things when looking for any teaching and learning resources is not being able to preview the resource. This is particularly so when you are searching through more detailed resources such as a course designed in LAMS or a similar learning design system. It’s difficult to get a feel of the course, without actually seeing as the student would.

Previewing sequences was a one of the discussion points at last year’s Design Bash, so it’s great to see that this has been taken forward by James, Ernie and all the team at LAMS.

To see for yourself, the why not have a look a this sequence “Chinese Language – Celebrating Spring Festival“, (author Christine McDonald). As pointed out by the LAMS team in their newsletter this sequence also makes use of the new video recording functionality in LAMS too.

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