Video/audio conferencing tools in use in the Curriculum Delivery programme

There has been considerable use of video/audio conferencing technologies for synchronous communication and podcasts for content delivery across the programme. The increasing ubiquity of MP3 players and free audio software is increasingly making podcasts a relatively simple way to augment course content.

Conferencing software
*Elluminate: Atleir-D, Escape
*Megameeting: Cowl (trialled, but then moved to skype)
*Skype: Cowl (with conjunction with the mikago plug-in)
*WimbaClassroom: Cowl

Podcasting (creation and delivery)
*Echo360: Cowl
*Quicktime: Middlesex
*Riffly: Cowl
*Wimba voice board: Duckling
*Audacity: Kube
*Garageband: Kube

(most podcasts are available in mp3 format)

More information on the projects can be found by following the specific links in the text.
The projects have all developed resources for staff and students around the integration and use of all the technologies which are being made openly available through the Design Studio.

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