A different slice of social media – curating @femedtech #femedtech

I’m about half way through my first week of curating the @femedtech twitter account. If you are unfamiliar with @femedtech you can find out more here . Just in case you are unfamiliar with the network, here’s an overview.

we are a reflexive, emergent network of people learning, practising and researching in educational technology. We are an informal organisation with no funding: our resources are our passion, kindness, knowledge, enthusiasm and volunteer time.

One of the main ways to get involved in the network is to curate the twitter account for 2 weeks. Over the past year there have been a growing list of people willing to spend a bit of their time and bring their perspectives and interests to the community. I particularly enjoyed Martin Hawksey’s reflection on his experience as curator.

It’s been a really interesting experience for me so far too. I’ve actually found it really refreshing to be engaging with twitter in a slightly different way. The subtle differences in the @femedtech timeline to my own is very welcome. I’m not exactly “off twitter” but my use of it and other social networks has changed since I became freelance. I’m just not at my desk all as much and possibly, not actively seeking as many distractions . . . .

Martin Weller has written recently about the steps he is taking to try and manage his use of twitter. Taking control for me is quite key, and sometimes just stepping back is the best way to do that. So whilst I feel I’ve been doing that in my personal twitter account, this week I’ve been stepping forward with the @femedtech account. I’m not “tweeting like a maddie” (think I might TM that phrase) , but I am actually enjoying monitoring, responding, interacting with some different people and contributing to conversations in a slightly different way.

So if you are a bit jaded with social media, perhaps a slot of curation might help. You can find out more here.

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