#BYOD4L is back – this time with added C’s

It’s January, it’s cold and dark outside but bringing a little ray of collaborative sunshine and social media goodness back into our lives is BYOD4L.

BYOD4L is really all about community.  I have been part of that community first iteration of the event, and I’m delighted once again to be be part of the organising team with Alex Spiers, Neil Withnell. Joining us this year are Debbie Baff and Suzanne Faulkner.

This year we will be following our familiar model. Each day will have a theme which you can explore and share your experiences in our Google+ community, twitter or where ever you want to really.  Each night between 8-9 pm (BST) in a tweet chat. This year we have extended the C’s. So with connecting we have confidence; with communication we have (digital) capabilities, copyright is added to curation, with collaborating we have community; and for our final day we have added celebrating to creating.

I hope to see many of you online next week and would love to hear your stories about how you use BYOD4L as part of your personal and professional development.

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