Saving (probably) the best storify in the world thanks to the marvellous storify link extractor

Ooh, this is good. Thanks to the genius of Alan Levine (aka @cogdog) there is now a really simple way to save stories from storify before they all go behind the another paywall.  Just follow these instructions – and save away.

Of my 5O storify stories, this has to be my favourite – betweenness centrality explained with a helpful zombie analogy.

Which prompted me to ask

Which led to this explanation

And so it starts to make sense and if this has caught your attention the links below are useful starting points for more  information.

OK, that last one isn’t really much use to anyone:-)

A little while later, via another twitter conversation about Cloud Atlas, genetically modified fabricants and zombies (well it was a Bank Holiday Monday!) Wilbert came up with the perfect example of betweenness centrality.




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