#byod4l: Day 1 – Connecting; a little bit of simple connectivity could go a long way (@melsiguk)

Just a very short post for day one.  I’m thinking about scenario 2 – the teacher, though this does apply to students too.

One issue I have been discussing with my colleague Jim Emery is about connectivity within our teaching spaces. A small thought, if we are encouraging staff to bring their own devices or indeed if institutions/departments  are providing ipads/tablets etc the wouldn’t it be great if staff could wirelessly connect to the projectors in our teaching rooms? No more faffing around with adapters, or forgetting to bring them, you could just switch on and go.

That might go some way to  help answer the questions of why/how would I use a phone/tablet/whatever for some and allow and encourage a bit more experimentation.


(image fc-ipads.wikispaces.com)

6 thoughts on “#byod4l: Day 1 – Connecting; a little bit of simple connectivity could go a long way (@melsiguk)”

  1. Hi Sheila, the Apple device/wireless/projector conundrum indeed remains, you would think there would be a simpler solution for learners and educators by now. We ran a conference in the college last June and someone ended up buying an Apple TV box and using the airplay features just to connect their iPad wirelessly (which ended up working rather well). Although institutions are supplying devices, do you think they would foot the £100 bill also for Apple TV? Hmmm…

    1. Thanks David. I’m not sure about paying for things but I do know we are about to start work on a major new build on campus so we are thinking about future proofing and maybe in 3 years time there will be a simpler solution #livinginhope

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