Getting set for #byod4L – what Sheila will be doing this week

After a bit of a respite and a small flirtation with FutureLearn, I’m getting back into the MOOC saddle again with #byod4L. Although not explicitly promoting itself as a MOOC, is kind of is and I’m hoping it will be the kind of MOOC experience I’ve found to enjoy the most – chaotic, crazy, connected, collaborative and fun. As this “open magical box” is being facilitated for a week, it does remind me of my first serious attempt at participating in a massive, open course – #moocmooc in  August 2012.

When I started that MOOC (btw, it does keep surprising me how comfortable I feel using the term as a verb), I knew I had to be very pragmatic about what I could and more importably couldn’t do. There was just so much going on during that week online, and as the majority of the participants with in North America, a lot happened whilst I was sleeping.  I decided to take a very pragmatic approach to try and do one thing everyday (which the design of the course facilitated) and to use my blog and twitter as my primary communication channels.  This worked well for me and is how I have approached other MOOCs that I seriously wanted to engage with. It will be my strategy for this week too.

I know I will miss out of some stuff, but a key part not just successful MOOCing  is becoming self directed, taking control, and realising that you can’t be everywhere, all the time and participate in everything. Remember no-one expects you to, and the facilitation team are dividing their time too as this really useful post from David Hopkins highlights.

I like the five topics for the week: connecting, communicating, curating, collaborating, creating. I think I’ll be most active in the connecting, collaborating and communicating spaces, but not sure if I’ll do enough to get a badge, tho that would be a nice momento of the experience.

I’m also trying to encourage others in my department and institution to engage with the course over the week. We’re having a MOOC meet-up on Friday afternoon to discuss our experiences. Like other places it’s the first week of teaching for our new semester so getting some kind of group work is a bit of a non starter, but I’m hoping that just having an hour or so to talk about experiences/reasons of participation or non participation will be useful itself.

A reminder of byod4l here is a little video I made for #moocmooc about places where I learn. Click on the image below or  this link to go the animoto page where it is hosted.

Places where I learn
Places where I learn

8 thoughts on “Getting set for #byod4L – what Sheila will be doing this week”

  1. Welcome on board Sheila. We look forward to learning together. Pleased to hear you are as excited as we are. Please reach out if you need any help ok?

    Our focus is on collaborative open learning and how this can be enabled. We play with a simplified problem-based learning approach and the video scenarios act as triggers. However, we don’t impose a specific way of working/learning and you can choose which approach(es) you would like to take.

    Will be interesting to see how this will work.

    Speak again soon, ok?
    Chrissi, one of the BYOD4L organisers 😉
    @chrissinerantzi #byod4l @melsiguk

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