What Sheila's seen this week #blimage,

I’ve been on leave for the past 3 weeks so this week has been a bit of a blur ( in more sense than one as I’ve just got new varifocal glasses #slightydizzystandingup) of catching up and getting back into work mode.

One thing that seems to have taken off this week is #blimage. I was thinking of getting involved but after mentioning it on twitter, the @GCUBlend account was thrown a challenge which I responded to yesterday. This post is a response to that – maybe a slight egocentric circle going on here, but it is a good way to get back into blogging after the holidays.

This is the image yesterday’s post invited comment about.


The picture is of a part of the major campus refurbishment that is taking place at GCU just now. It triggers a raft of emotions and thoughts for me including excitement, confusion, blind panic, will it all be ready for the students in September?

For most of us working in education, summer more than New Year, is the time of new beginnings, new students, new starts.  Summer is often that mythical space where everything that you haven’t had the chance to “get round to” over the past year will be done as well as all the new things that you want/have to do for the new semester.  It can be an exciting and scary time, and more often than not “other stuff” is thrown into the mix which takes priority over all your (half baked) plans.

I think my brain is a bit like that picture just now with bits and pieces of things sort of blocked out, but lots of stuff needing to be done to make sense of it .

So maybe it is the perfect welcome back to work #blimage. What do you think?

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