Where Sheila's been this week – being a bit creative

I’m on annual leave just now and this week I’ve been attending a week long summer painting school at Art4YouScotland. I have had an amazing time experimenting with different mediums and have gained a lot of confidence in my own abilities. I’ve also met some lovely people.

This is primarily a face to face learning experience – painting and drawing are very hands on pursuits. I have been learning loads from our lovely tutor Ewen and from my fellow students in the incredibly supportive and creative studio environment.

All of the individual and group discussions have been enhanced by technology. Particularly in terms of research and accessing the works of different painters, techniques, materials etc via “t’interweb” both in the studio and at home. Seems I can’t escape blended learning 😀

I love the mission statement for all the classes too. 2 and 3 I think should be part of every learning experience.

“1. become a better artist
2. feed your soul
3. enjoy the process”

Below is a little collage of some of the things I’ve been thoroughly enjoying creating this week. 

2 thoughts on “Where Sheila's been this week – being a bit creative”

  1. … and the fascinating thing (at least for me) about
    1. become a better artist
    2. feed your soul
    3. enjoy the process
    Is that none of these learning objectives/goals can be measured in a numerical or linear way. (The same, of course, is true for most of the really important things in life.)

    Thanks for sharing your reflections, Sheila, and the pictures – very inspiring.

    Terry Loane

    1. Exactly Terry – and should t we be trying to develop people so that they can have the confidence in themselves to be self directed learners who recognise and reflect on these things themselves.

      Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the pics too.

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