APIs and Design Bash 2010

This Friday (16th July) in conjunction with the LAMS 2010 European Conference we’re hosting another Design Bash. We’ve got 37 people signed up for the face to face meeting, so it should be a great day for sharing ideas around designing for learning.

Once again we’re using Cloudworks during the day to showcase projects, designs, tools and provide some online feedback during the day and after the event. A number of participants have already created their own clouds and hopefully the number will grow over the next few days. If you’re interested but can’t make it along to Oxford on Friday, then please do feel free to contribute to the day online.

David Sherlock here at CETIS has been having a play with the recently released Cloudworks API and so we have a couple of alternative views of the resources within the Design Bash cloudscape which you can see here. Any thoughts/comments would be welcome. We’re hoping to develop this work into something a bit more stable over the next month or so. David is also going to be blogging some more detail on how he used the API and visualization libraries to create the demos over the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “APIs and Design Bash 2010”

  1. The Cloudworks API is soo powerfule (and yes Yinka I’d say it is somewhat complex unless you are experienced). Also, your mindmap idea is great! I use them all the time and I think they are wayyy underutilized. Nice Work! Best of luck!

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