Mapping outputs of Design for Learning programme to IMS LD – a level of interoperability for learning designs

As additional output to the JISC Design for Learning programme, we were asked to produce a mapping of programme outputs to IMS Learning Design. Six different outputs, including a LAMS sequence, outputs from the pedagogy planner tools, and poster designs, were transformed into IMS LD using the ReCourse and RELOAD tools.

In most cases it was possible to identify common IMS LD elements and a working uol (unit of learning)was produced for each example. However the completeness of these varied considerably depending on the level of descriptions provided about the actual details of the activities to be undertaken.

The findings illustrate the need for more explicit descriptions of activities to allow designs to be “run” either online or off-line. There also appears to emerge an almost natural point where the planning process ( e.g. what is my design called, who is it for, what activities will I use etc) ends and the design process (e.g. how will a learner actually participate in activities, what is the sequence of activities ) begins.

The report is available to download from the Design for Learning support wiki. A discussion topic has also been started on the report in the pedagogical planners group in facebook. Please feel free to join the group and contribute to the discussion.

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