Thinking about professional online identity

I really need to follow Laura Pasquini’s example and take some time to audit my digital presence properly. But I have made a start of sorts. Last week I ran a session with a group of business studies Masters level students around online professional identity. In the session we explored our online presence through White and Le Cornu’s Visitors and Residents model and looked at some of the current trends in social medial. We also discussed Laura’s post and hopefully the students will now be using her really useful (open) template to create their own digital audit.

Although I haven’t had made time to do my own audit, as part of the prep for the session I did have a quick rummage around my online spaces. My own professional online identity seems to be manifested primarily in this blog, twitter and Linkedin. The latter more because I feel I have to have a presence there, the former because they are now embedded in my practice. I also found it hard to easily find the date I joined instagram . . . Hopefully post about my audit to follow soon, but in the meantime here is a link to the slides for the session.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about professional online identity

  1. Thanks again for another insightful post Sheila. I too have been reviewing my online persona and looking at the professional/personal interaction and information I provide. I have dropped a couple of channels (instagram, for one) for various reasons, not least due to the impact of the data I’m sharing and allowing unknown organisations, but also because they were sucking up time and effort as well as, well, not being worth it for professional purposes.
    I have always used FB for personal reasons, and some of my professional friends have become solid personal friends too, but I am still very conscious of what I share, with who, and when.

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