2020 in some numbers

I don’t think I have the energy to write any kind of reflection of this year, but at some point I will look over the blog posts I’ve written and try and make some sense of it. Over the year I do feel my blog posts have become more honest and personal, but I need a bit of space before I go back to them. And as you know, dear reader, 2020 has been quite a different year for everyone.

So, as a lot of people are finishing up this week for a very well deserved break, I thought I’d do a more light hearted, numbers based overview.

Now some of these numbers might not be entirely accurate. I have deliberately missed out many data collections points. Partly because this was created quite quickly by adding things up on paper, partly because some of them would be just too scary and I’m not organised enough to have any data collection mechanisms apart from the wonderful TAGs for twitter.

No AI or algorithms were used ,or caused harm, in the making of the graphic below.



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