The lockdown diaries week 16: the end of this phase

Another week of easing out of lock down and the death toll  in the UK as I write is 44,819. The death rate is slowly going down, but there were still over 800 deaths this week in the UK. Should I get some comfort that in Scotland there haven’t been any COVID 19 related deaths for 3 days and the rate has been in single figures for the past week or so? I am glad of the divergence in approach, particularly around wearing of masks in shops and enclosed areas, of the all the devolved governments. Though it would seem that is not so popular in Westminster.

Still the easing of lock down continues across the UK. The UK government seems to be taking an out of sight out of mind attitude to it now. Let’s move along to Brexit, nothing to see here anymore around COVID 19 . . .

I have been writing this series for the past 15 weeks, so 10, 774 words later I think this will be the last one, well in this phase anyway. When lockdown started I was, like everyone, anxious, confused, unclear about what it would actually mean. Would I ever work again? I have found writing the weekly posts cathartic and a really useful process for self care. They have helped me focus and balance the at times, hopelessness I have felt about the bigger picture of events around me with my smaller world of work.

Working for myself I don’t have any formal support mechanisms, so being able to reflect on what I have been doing (and thanks to everyone who has and is still giving me work or has asked me to speak at events over the past 4 months) has really helped my mental wellbeing and self care. Care has been so central to the whole lockdown – care for others, for ourselves, I hope that doesn’t get lost as we move forward. Caring for each other and ourselves is going to be so crucial moving forward. We need to make sure we continue to make time to care.

I’m not the best writer in the world, but over the years blogging has become a habitual process for me. I was worried at the start of lockdown that what was happening was so overwhelming it would put me in a state of writing paralysis. I worried about how could I possibly find any words when the world was changing so rapidly, and I would lose another part of my normality. Just taking an hour every Sunday afternoon to write a post provided a focus for writing and keep my blogging habit in tact.

So as I start to do a bit more – haircut is next week – visit to my Mum the week after and a bit of a holiday, I’ll start moving to my phase 2 of lockdown writing. Until then, dear reader, stay safe, and I’ll leave you with a little work cloud of the past 16 weeks.

word cloud of my lockdown diaries

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