Where Sheila's been this week

This week I started a new job as a Senior Lecturer in Blended Learning at Glasgow Caledonian University. I’m based in  LEAD  (learning experience and academic development ) department.  As you can imagine there has been quite a lot for me to get my head around this week as well as dealing with getting “switched on” to the GCU network when it is the first week of term and the IT department is dealing with a gizzillion other things.
Part of the first week is familiarising myself with the Uni itself, including the overarching mission and values.  I know it is easy to be cynical about mission statements, values and principles but I really like the fact that I know work somewhere whose cores values and principles include trust, integretity and courage.
The University has just over 17, 500 registered students based in three academic schools:  Glasgow School for Business and Society, Engineering and Built Environment and Health and Life Sciences. Each of the schools has at least 2 dedicated learning technologist and academic leads for blended learning that I will be working closely with.
One of my priorities over the coming months will be the implementation of the new institutional strategy for learning. And, working with colleagues, in particular my new boss, Prof Linda Creanor, to develop a road map for the increased uptake of blended learning approaches.  This wordle gives a flavour of the strategy.
So lots to be done, but there are some very exciting opportunities to develop some of the work that is already happening here and also to be involved in some new avenues including learning analytics.

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